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Create and grow a business that supports the life you TRULY want.

Let’s put YOUR needs, desires and wishes firstThen we’ll shape your business and marketing to match.

Your job is to make the world a better place.  My job is to help you amplify that impact in a way that feels really good to you.

And let me just say, I love my job. I know you love yours too — helping others is your calling, and I’m so grateful we have business people like you in the world.

But if you want to affect as much change as possible, it’s time to slow down.


Re-connect with yourself.

And forget everything you’ve been told you *should* do – even what you’re telling yourself you *have* to do – to grow a thriving business.

Instead, it’s time to chart your OWN way forward – staying true to the REAL you as you go.

The best way I know how to do this is to help you create from the inside out.  Meaning when you work with me, you’ll tap into what it is you TRULY want for yourself – and your life – FIRST. 

Only then you can confidently begin to make better – more aligned business choices – including ones around your marketing.

The kind of choices that naturally promote ease and balance in your life.

Ones that take you where you want to go AND allow you to make the kind of difference in the world that only YOU can.

I’m two parts strategist, two parts coach

That means I’ll help you discover the best, right way for YOU to: 

  • structure your business for maximum freedom and personal fulfillment
  • serve others through your marketing (the kind that doesn’t feel like marketing at all)
  • honour your unique personal priorities, values, and quirks 

While I support you to: 

  • create new feel-good habits that propel you forward
  • make aligned choices that reflect who you are and how you work best
  • take focused, purposeful action towards your unique vision

If all this sounds – and feels – good so far, then chances are – we’re going to make an amazing team, you and I.

The only question is, which option is right for you?


Find out more about how I help ambitious purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you “do” marketing in a way that doesn’t feel like marketing at all.


Work with me to re-invent your business in the simplest, most sustainable way possible – the way that reflects who you are and how you work best.

What It’s Like to Work with Me, in Clients’ Own Words

“What really stands out for me about Mary is that she is like a Zen Monk in some ways. She held a very grounded, calm, neutral yet incredibly wise energy while witnessing, questioning me to go a bit deeper and look at an even truer truth, and is very choiceful and timely with her feedback. It’s quite an art to offer all of these things—both the macro and micro view—and Mary does it very well.”

Lynn, Lynn Clifford 

“Mary keeps current to the pulse of entrepreneurs and provides timely services! As my business evolves over the years so has the needs of my marketing and I always find Mary’s services so beneficial.  If your marketing is working for you, that is amazing. If you are like me and need some assistance to fill marketing gaps connect with Mary.”

Barbara, Wellness Balancing 

Want to make sure we’re a good fit to work together? 

Great idea.  Let’s have a chat first.  If it turns out we’re a match, I’ll let you know your next steps.  If not, I’ll do my best to recommend a resource or referral that’s better suited to help you.

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