What’s Really Going On When You’re Struggling with Sales

Hey there, purpose-driven entrepreneur.

It’s hard to make the kind of impact you want when you’re struggling with sales.  Whether you’re not making enough (or any) or you bring in income but it’s spottier than a Dalmatian, it sure can be confusing.  Downright frustrating, even.

You may have some ideas about what’s causing your sales troubles, but in my experience, you’re likely only scratching the surface of the issue.  And oftentimes, the way you try to fix what you think is going on only creates more work for you – and leads to more problems.

Left unchecked and coming from a place of lack, you can find yourself under quite a bit pressure to *get* people to buy from you.  Which can prompt you to make choices in your business you might not otherwise make.

How about you save yourself some trouble and get to the root of the problem?  Watch this pre-recorded class to get some real clarity on what’s behind your struggle with sales.

struggling with sales

How I can help

If you have questions about what I covered in the class, email them to [email protected]

To get some help around your specific sales challenges, book a Clarity Call so we can talk through your situation.  At the end, I’ll make a recommendation to you – it could be an offer to work together – or I may suggest another type of resource.

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struggling with sales

Sometimes the pressure to make sales can mean doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

pressure to make sales

Check your sales numbers from the past 12 months to see if you’re struggling with sales.

plot it to spot it tutorial

Do you set sales goals or sales targets?  And how do you determine the amount?

sales goals sales targets

Here’s what I wish every purpose-driven entrepreneur could know about pipelines

a pipeline is like a path


You don’t need to hustle or resort to unsavoury marketing tactics to increase your income and amplify your impact.  There’s a much smarter way. 

How about we build you a pipeline or two?


Contact Mary Strachan
I’m Mary – purpose-driven entrepreneur, marketing strategist, permission-giver, and Certified Ambassador for the Alignment Grid™.

For me, amplifying your impact is not about reaching 6-figures or following the latest trend in marketing.  It’s about defining your vision, your goals and your priorities in the form of a simple, strategic, and sustainable plan, and then taking focused steps to make it happen.  

I’m probably different from any other coach or strategist you’ve come across, because I’m not going to teach you a one-size-fits-all approach to business growth.  Instead, my mission is to help you discover the best way forward for YOU, so you can confidently get on with the business of changing lives.  

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