Ever wondered what to do if your marketing isn’t working?​

If you asked me for my thoughts on the topic, here’s what I’d suggest.


Decide how important it is for you to resolve your marketing challenges right now.

To do that, answer this question:

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 = not very and 10 = very, how important is it that you resolve your marketing challenges right now?




Got it ready?

Here’s what your number means:

If you chose a 7 or less, it’s not really a priority to resolve your marketing issues at this point in time – that’s okay – now’s just not the right time for you to tackle them. Reach out when you’re ready and I’ll remind you of the next step.

If you said 8 or more, it’s a high priority to resolve your marketing issues right now. Proceed to STEP TWO.


Get really clear on which specific issue(s) are impacting you.

How, you ask?

Use this really simple tool I created to help you do just that (it’s a short self-assessment with 12 questions designed to let you see exactly what’s getting in your way when it comes to your marketing.)

Follow the directions at the top of the assessment and submit your answers when you’ve finished.

Once you’ve submitted them, you’ll receive an email from me outlining how to interpret your scores.

And after that, I’ll share STEPS THREE to SIX with you.


Send them to [email protected]

Is your marketing doing the heavy lifting for you?

If it’s not, you’re likely getting tired of working so hard.

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