What does it look like when you’re struggling with sales?

I made a chart to illustrate what it looks like when purpose-driven entrepreneurs have issues making enough or consistent income month to month.  It includes what you might think is causing the problem and the actions that can follow naturally.  I’ve explored each scenario in more depth below the chart.

struggling with sales

Struggling with sales looks like this:

1 ⎮Despite all the marketing you’re doing, you’re not making m/any sales.

Yep, this can happen.  And it is sure is perplexing when you put your heart and soul into promoting yourself, and all you hear back are those annoying proverbial crickets.

It’s perfectly natural, in this scenario, to think that you need to work harder to be more visible in order to make more sales.  If you can just get your offers in front of more people, then your sales will increase, wouldn’t they?  

So you make more podcast pitches, write more blog posts, and pay for Facebook ads. Or commit to do Instagram stories every day, non-stop networking, and weekly+ newsletters.  That’s a lot of work.   

2 ⎮You’re getting tired and run down because you have to constantly scramble to find new clients and customers when you finish up with current ones.

My mentor, Beth Grant, calls this “riding the income roller coaster.”  You might make sales some months and other months you’re don’t.  So your income is up and down like a yo-yo. 

When money’s coming in and you get to do your thing, you feel like you’re on cloud nine.   

But when the cash flow ends, and you’ve got to hustle to find new money and have no leads to follow up on or artwork to sell, you crash.  And then the pressure builds.

These variations can be stressful, and dealing with the highs and lows of your income can be really hard on your nervous system.  If you’ve been living with this for a while, it’s possible that you might think it’s normal.  Even if it doesn’t feel that good.  

But you may also believe that you could solve this problem if you only could learn another modality.  Or up-level your skill-set with another certification.  That way you’d have something new and different to offer people and you wouldn’t have to hustle.  

So you sign up for – quite possible – yet another program or course.

3 ⎮You might be feeling frustrated and confused because you put so much time and energy into creating your offers, but no one’s buying them.

In this scenario, you’ve done all the work.  You put your offer(s) together ie.  an online course, a 6-month coaching package, a group program, artwork, or journal.  And you’re really proud of what you created.

You know that what you’ve made could really meet a need or solve someone’s problem.   So you’re really surprised that no one’s lining up to buy from you. 

After a while, you begin to doubt yourself.

You might think the reason no one buys from you is because they don’t want what you have to offer.

What other choice is there but to sit down, put your thinking cap on, and come up with more ideas for new offers to add to your website.  You may even decide that your current offers aren’t good enough.  So you scrap them and start all over again, thinking “surely you can come up with something people want!”

struggling with sales

Struggling with sales is frustrating

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, it can be really frustrating when you’re struggling with sales.  You know you have so much to offer, yet you aren’t making as much of an impact as you’d like.  What’s worse, you might not even be making enough money to cover your bills, let alone pay yourself a decent salary.

You might even find that after you create more offers, get more qualifications, and hustle for more visibility – the issues with sales still exist.  You may start to feel even more pressure to sell your programs, services, and products, and start taking measures that lead to even more headaches – and heartaches.

That’s because you’re not solving the real problem.

To find out what’s really going on when you’re struggling with sales, watch this class I’ve put together for you. 


It’s not what you think.

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