This post is for my ambitious purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to take focused, purposeful action in 2021 – and beyond.  I’ll walk you through the basic steps to craft a Marketing Plan that’s purposefully designed  to fuel your progress. 

I’m showing you the process I use with private clients.  It’s a process that allows you to create a tailored-to-you-and-your-business Marketing Plan – not a one-size-fits-all type roadmap.  That’s part of what makes it sustainable – it’s 100% yours – not anyone else’s.

If you haven’t already, download and print a few copies of the Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan for 2021 Template.  Fill one in as you read along, and you’ll have a draft plan put together by the end of this post.  Use the others as you revise your personalized roadmap.

simple sustainable marketing plan tutorial

6 Steps to a Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan

I like to think of creating a Marketing Plan for your year as if it’s a project.  And as with all projects I tackle, I’ve broken the process down into actionable steps. 

There are 6 basic steps altogether – I cover Steps 1 through 5 here in this post.

You can see all the elements – plus get access to some helpful definitions and 2 examples – in A Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan for 2021.

Let’s get started. 

marketing plan template

Step 1 ⎮ Review your Life and Business Visions

Before you focus on your marketing, it’s SO important that you review and update your Life and Business Visions.

This is because the process I’m outlining here is designed to help you build a Marketing Plan for the year that actually moves you closer to those Visions.

That means you need to update both your Visions to reflect any pivots you’ve made or any changes to your personal circumstances first.  If you don’t,  your Marketing Plan will take you somewhere you don’t want to go.

Your Life Vision may be in the form of a story, a vision board, or a sketch.  It doesn’t really matter what shape it’s in – but make sure it captures important elements like: 

  • what you want to have time for
  • what you’d like to have enough energy to do in your life
  • the kinds of things you’d like to have money for, etc.

And just to be clear, when I talk about your Business Vision, I’m referring to the kind that documents things like, your:

  • purpose
  • long and short-term business goals
  • potential roadblocks

If you haven’t put together a vision for your life and a Business Vision that will support you to achieve it, stop here.  Take the time to create them. 

If you need help, consider working with me to create a comprehensive plan that’s based on your Life and Business Visions.

Step 2 ⎮ Select your Business Priorities for 2021  

Using your long and short term Business Goals as your guide (from your Business Vision) choose 1 – 3 Business Goals for 2021.  You can also think of them as Business Priorities.

I explain why I recommend setting no more than 3 Business Goals/Priorities in the 5 Ways to Keep Your 2021 Marketing Plan Simple + Sustainable class.

Add your Business Goals/Priorities to the Template at the top.  If you have less than 3, just enjoy the white space.  Ahhhhh.

Step 3 ⎮ Write your Aligned Marketing Goals

Now that you that you’ve established your Business Goals/Priorities for the year, it’s time to write your Aligned Marketing Goals. I describe them as “aligned” because the trick here is to choose ones that deliberately support you to accomplish your Business Goals/Priorities.

Again, don’t get too caught up about the word “goals” here – think of this step as a way to FOCUS your marketing efforts in 2021. 

In the Template, add 1 or 2 Marketing Goals for each Business Goal/Priority you have.  I suggest 1 or 2 as another way to keep your Plan simple and sustainable.

To see some real-life examples of Marketing Goals, watch My Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan for 2021. 

Step 4 ⎮ Choose Feel Good Marketing Strategies

Whereas your Marketing Goals = WHAT you want to accomplish with your marketing in 2021, your Marketing Strategies = HOW you’ll actually do it.  If you prefer, you can think of them as your Marketing Methods.

You’ll choose 1 or more Marketing Strategy for each Marketing Goal you have.

There are so many Marketing Strategies to choose from – so take your time and pick ones that feel good to you.  Select ones that allow you to show up as the REAL you in your business.

If you’re a cat-person, choosing Networking as your Strategy probably won’t feel good to YOU.  In fact, it will likely end up a disaster.

If you dread the idea of writing and selling to people through a newsletter, then Email Marketing isn’t a Feel Good Strategy for YOU.

No matter what anyone tells you!

When you’ve decided on your Feel Good Strategies, add them to the Template in the designated section, under their corresponding Marketing Goal.

And, if the idea of showing up as the REAL you in your business – doing what actually feels good to YOU – has caught your attention, you’ll enjoy the Find My Alignment Kit.  It’ll warm your heart and just might change the course of your business. Yep.  It’s that powerful.  

Step 5 ⎮ Map Out Your Marketing Activities

Congratulations – you’ve made it this far – now it’s time to work on the details. 

Think of your Marketing Activities as your “Marketing To-Do List.” 

They’re all the things you need to do that will help you achieve your Marketing Goals.  And ultimately your Business Goals.  Your Marketing To-Do’s evolve out of your chosen Marketing Strategies.

Let’s say you’re a people-person (not the aforementioned cat-person.)  You actually thrive on meeting new people and being in the energy of groups.  You might pick Networking as a Feel-Good Strategy. 

Some Marketing To-Do’s that would go along with it might be:

  • research and join appropriate Networking groups
  • practice your introduction
  • follow up with interesting people after an event

Whatever your Marketing Activities – try to keep them simple and straightforward.  This is an easy place to overwhelm yourself with tasks.  Choose wisely.

And record them on the Template under My Marketing To-Do’s for each of your chosen Marketing Strategies.

And just like that – you’ve got yourself a Draft Marketing Plan for 2021

Let me emphasize the word DRAFT here.

Because it’s important to sit with your Marketing Plan for a bit and let it all sink in.  

You’re aiming for a plan that’s simple and sustainable after all.

When I wrote mine and saw it all together on one page, it felt like it was too much.  It didn’t feel right.  So I made some changes – I revised one of my Business Priorities, and removed 2 of my Marketing Goals altogether. 

After a few days, I went back and tweaked it a tiny bit more so it felt even better.

Use these questions to help you assess your plan to make sure it’s what you TRULY want and that it’s something you’re excited to work on over the next 12 months. 

Be willing to change what doesn’t feel “light, right and fun” to you.  Now – or as you work on your plan throughout the year. 

Yes, it’s okay to adapt your plan as you get real-time feedback from taking action on it.  In fact, I highly recommend it!!

Need some help to put a plan together?

I’ll be the first to admit – there’s a lot of moving parts to consider when you’re creating your Marketing Plan for the year.  Especially if you want that plan to coordinate with – and support – your Life and Business Visions.  

But I also know it’s worth the time and energy spent upfront.  That way, at the end of the year, you won’t end up wondering where the time went and why it feels like you haven’t made any real progress.

Or, at the other end of the spectrum, you won’t feel completely overwhelmed by everything you want to accomplish in 12 months and then be disappointed you didn’t get it all done!

Lucky for you, I love helping other purpose-driven entrepreneurs translate their big ideas into simple, actionable plans.

And, I’m really good at the technical stuff too – that means I know how to turn your wishes into “goals” and can point you in the right direction when it comes time to choose strategies that suit you.

To learn more about the best way for me to support you, book a Clarity Call or check out this opportunity to work together on a simple, sustainable marketing plan for your year.


Set yourself up to take focused, purposeful action this year with a tailored-to-you-and-your-business marketing plan – that’s easy to implement.

・a private coaching experience・

simple sustainable marketing plan tutorial

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