Early on in my days as an entrepreneur, I had high aspirations when it came to marketing. Mistakenly plugged into other people’s dreams of having a 6 figure business, I ran full steam ahead into some very intense and elaborate marketing strategies.

Within 6 months of each other, I’d organized two virtual summits – the first with 12 guests and the second with over 20 guests. I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a LOT involved in offering a summit – from finding, scheduling, and interviewing guests, to editing the interviews, to setting up the back end of the summit website, to marketing it, etc. etc.

I drove upwards of an hour both ways to attend networking meetings at least once a week, if not more.

At one point, I even had a podcast. And although I LOVED interviewing my guests, it was time-consuming on the back end. The tediousness of turning the interviews into blog posts sucked me dry.

There’s no doubt about it – I worked HARD to market myself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t reap the rewards of all that effort.

And eventually, not only did I become physically (and emotionally) drained, I dreaded the thought of doing anything that remotely resembled marketing.*

Fast-forward to 2019.

Despite understanding what went wrong in those early days on an intellectual level, I realized that I was still holding back when it came to marketing myself.

I wasn’t super excited to do it and I felt apprehensive. I could tell that I was still a little “turned off” at the thought of it.

Looking back, I can see that I’d adopted my own personal stigma when it came to marketing:

  • it was hard
  • it felt bad
  • it was complicated

So I began to wonder – what would it be like if I could fall in love with marketing?

I wished I could “do” marketing in a way that didn’t feel like I was doing it at all.

I dreamed of not even having to market myself at all.

And eventually, it hit me. If I was going to have all that – and more – I needed to re-define marketing – not only for myself – but for other purpose-driven entrepreneurs, too.

As soon as I shifted what I understood marketing to be, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I know that’s so cliche – but it’s literally how it felt.

I felt free.

Before I knew it, I was excited and energized to market my business again, even if I didn’t know all the details yet.

Shift How You Think About Marketing

I’ve already shared all the reasons why it’s important to re-define marketing, but in the video below, I suggest a different way to think about it – one I hope you’ll find simpler and much more appealing!

When you’re finished watching it, come back and tell me – yes or no?

Does thinking about marketing in this new way make it feel more appealing and less overwhelming?

Leave your answer in the comments.

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