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See How I Think About Marketing

There are lots of Marketing Strategists out there in the marketplace these days (thanks for checking me out.)  So what makes me different?

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If you know your marketing isn’t working, then why not watch this mini-training?  It’s about 15 minutes long and you don’t have to opt-in.  You’ll see what’s really going on so you can start to turn things around in your business.

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Take the Mystery Out of Marketing

Tired of following other people’s marketing formulas with little to no success?  Yearning to market yourself in a simpler and more authentic way? 

Check out The Alignment Grid™ – a powerful choice-making tool that makes marketing easier.

Thinking Out Loud Here

I’ve got a lot to say about what it takes to amplify your impact – without burning out.  And most of it doesn’t end up on my blog.  Instead, I share it  in my weekly newsletter, Thinking Out Loud.

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Price With Confidence

There’s nothing worse than agonizing over how much to charge for your product, program or service.  That’s why I asked 4 of my favourite entrepreneurs to share their wisdom on the topic – it’s pure gold. 

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Hear Me Speak

One of my all-time favourite things to do is sit down with another person and have a rich conversation.  I get to share what I know and learn in the process. 

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