Get clear on what you want to create.

Make a plan.

Choose what’s right for you.

Take focused, purposeful action.

Reflect on your progress and make changes based on what you’ve learned.

These steps are at the core of everything I do in my business, as well as the work I do with clients who want to find their own way to amplify their impact. 

It’s coming to the end of Q1 for 2021, so I sat down and reviewed my choices and actions from the past three months.

Here’s some highlights to help you get a sense of the progress made and lessons learned. 

The Plan

Using the process I outline in this article, I created a marketing plan to help fuel my progress in each of the following 3 business priorities:

1) illustrate to others what it means to keep it simple + be real in my own business

2) expand my circle of purpose-driven entrepreneurs that I share information with

3) create a “virtual campus” where purpose-driven entrepreneurs can attend classes, workshops, etc.

Progress Made/Lessons Learned Priority #1

To keep things simple – and to help pace myself – I chose an umbrella topic for the first quarter (work smarter not harder) and picked 3 sub-topics to cover, 1 for each month (January – create a simple and sustainable marketing plan for 2021; February – let the pipelines do most of the work for you; March – attract the right customers to you from the get go.)

By the end of February, I’d written 10 blog posts, including 2 lengthy tutorials, taught 2 classes, made several companion resources, and sent 15 emails.

By early February I knew:

1) 3 topics per quarter was too much, especially if I wanted to go deep like I like to do and create companion resources, classes, etc.

2) I felt great about the quality of the content I was producing, but it’s all just sitting there on my website. I needed to figure out a way to bring more purpose-driven entrepreneurs to my blog to read it!

Which ties nicely into priority #2

Progress Made/Lessons Learned Priority #2

Given I knew that I wanted to share information with a broader circle of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I started looking for opportunities to be a podcast guest, because I know it’s fun for me to have conversations with people. This is going well, and I’ve got several interviews lined up. Stay tuned.

But how would I bring new people to the content I’d created for my blog?

First off, I added social share buttons to my blog and added 2 Pinterest pin graphics to each post.

Other than that, this question proved to be quite perplexing and I spent a lot of time in my head about it. I debated between Pinterest and Medium for a good two weeks, researched each option, and talked it through with a few different people. I finally created a Pinterest business account and bought a Medium membership so I could investigate further.

In the meantime, a friend invited me to check out Clubhouse. I had some reservations based on what I’d read about how they used member’s data. Plus I don’t use my phone a lot, so wasn’t so keen on it because you can’t access it from a desktop. However, I was curious, and several people had asked me about it. So I bit the bullet and accepted her invitation.

It didn’t take me long to figure out:

1) I couldn’t see myself pinning on Pinterest (perhaps if I’d already been pinning recipes, etc. I would have felt differently.) I’ve deactivated my account.

2) As much as I enjoyed getting lost reading on Medium, the thought of re-purposing my blog posts there didn’t feel right (even though they make it pretty easy.) I’ve cancelled my membership.

3) my reservations about Clubhouse were correct and being on it confirmed that I don’t want it on my phone for my own mental health. I deleted the app.

4) my favourite way of being in business is talking with others – so I’m back considering how I can make a podcast work for me (ie. keep it simple, strategic, and sustainable.) It’s too soon to say.

5) I needed a way to share my written content in a more concise way and with one person at a time (beyond Thinking Out Loud.) I think I’ve figure it out.

6) I wasted a lot of time and mental energy thinking about all this. Clarity comes a lot faster if you actually do the thing you’re thinking about doing. Just remember to make a decision one way or the other once you try it and have real life experience.

Progress Made/Lessons Learned Priority #3

I was able to create and teach 2 classes this quarter, but I ran out of steam and cancelled the third (see #1.)

Not too long ago, I probably could have pushed through and done it anyways, but I knew my heart wasn’t in it.

And that’s okay. It was the right choice for me.

The Choice I’m Most Proud Of

In what might be considered a big leap of faith, took the opt-ins off of all my resources. No more email nurture sequences and automations to worry about! Hurray! I have an opt-in set up for Thinking Out Loud (my newsletter) but it doesn’t have a nurture sequence.  I’ll continue to have people register for classes without having to join my email list.

Updates to My Marketing Plan

Given what I’ve learned over the past three months, I’ve updated my marketing plan so it’s even more relevant and tailored to me. Here’s where you can see the updates I’ve made.


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