Marketing Strategy

and Coaching Programs

Let’s put planning behind your purpose.

We’re going to make an amazing team, you and me. 

Your job is to make the world a better place. My job is to amplify that impact. 

And let me just say, I love my job. I know you love yours too — helping others is your calling, and I’m so grateful we have business people like you in the world. But if you want to affect as much change as possible, it’s time to tackle marketing burnout and uncertainty head-on.

I’m three parts strategist, one part coach  — which means as we work together to create your simple and sustainable marketing plan, I’ll also help you overcome your fears and create new habits to get you where you want to go.

A Step by Step Approach to Marketing

My services are offered a la carte, meaning you can choose which one(s) will serve you best at this point in time.   

I recommend working through them in numerical order because there is a logical order to the work we’d do together. The best way to determine where to start is to book a Clarity Call with me to discuss your specific needs. 

– 1 –

Big Picture Vision

Reflect on what you want to create + who you want to become, so marketing is your greatest ally.

– 2 –

Marketing Fundamentals

Start to turn your vision into a reality with the basic elements of your marketing plan.

– 3 –

JumpStart Your Marketing

Think through mini-marketing plans to keep your pipeline full of potential clients or customers.


Single Strategy Sessions

Let’s put our heads together and get you some clarity on your next steps.

What Others Are Saying About Working with Mary

Imagine my astonishment when, in one session with Mary, I was able to gain the long-awaited clarity I had been struggling to find on a business dilemma that had been troubling me for months. I attempted all the usual methods to find a solution on my own (writing things out, mind-mapping, deep introspection, discussions with colleagues) — none of them worked.

I’m incredibly grateful for my sessions with Mary, which were filled with multiple a-ha moments and excellent, gold-nugget pieces of wisdom.

Sara Hodge, Sara Hodge Digital Media

What really stands out for me about Mary is that she is like a Zen Monk in some ways. She held a very grounded, calm, neutral yet incredibly wise energy while witnessing, questioning me to go a bit deeper and look at an even truer truth, and is very choiceful and timely with her feedback. It’s quite an art to offer all of these things—both the macro and micro view—and Mary does it very well.

Lynn Clifford, Lynn Clifford 

Want to make sure we’re a good fit to work together? 

Great idea.  Let’s have a chat first.  If it turns out we’re a match, I’ll let you know your next steps.  If not, I’ll do my best to recommend a resource or referral that’s better suited to help you.