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Do You Want Your Business to Impact More People in 2021?

I thought so.

After all – you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world.

The REAL question is – how do you make that impact without burning out?

Where do you start?

One great place to begin looking for clues is your 2020 sales numbers! 

Join Me for:

Plot It to Spot It!

A hands-on workshop where I’ll help you reveal hidden opportunities to improve your marketing so you can reach more people in 2021.

In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • use your sales numbers from 2020 to discover your Patterns of Impact
  • interpret those Patterns of Impact so you can identify if you want to repeat them or improve on them in 2021
  • connect your marketing choices from 2020 to your Patterns of Impact in order to make confident decision moving forward

Workshop Pre-Requisites:

  • easy access to your 2020 monthly + weekly sales numbers
  • easy access to your monthly + annual expenses
  • a basic comfort level using a spreadsheet 
  • the willingness to look at your numbers with a sense of curiousity

Plot It to Spot It!

a hands-on workshop

Monday, February 8th, 2021

1 – 3 pm EST

(convert to your time zone)

$55 CDN

(convert to your currency)

Live on Zoom

(a link will be provided when you purchase your ticket)

What Clients Say About My Workshops

Truly fantastic. Working with you is a total joy and I would recommend you to anyone.”  Tris

You are the queen of support and can read a group like no one else I have met…just sayin’.” Barbara


Is there anything I should bring?

It’s a good idea to print out your sales numbers (monthly and weekly) so you can easily enter them into the spreadsheet I provide.  At the very least, have them organized in a format where you can easily copy and paste them.

What if I didn’t make sales every month last year or I didn’t meet my sales targets due to COVID or other reasons?

As long as you made sales some of the months, then it’s okay.  We’ll take extenuating circumstances into consideration.

What if I have questions after the workshop?

You can email me.  Or, if you prefer to talk it through, you can Voxer me.

What if I’m interested but can’t come to the workshop?

Send me an email and let me know – if there’s enough interest, I’ll run it again. 

What if I don’t enjoy being in a group?

There is the option to do this with me privately, if that works better for you.  Contact me for details and pricing.  [email protected]

What if I’m not sure this event is for me?

Reach out and I’ll help you decide.  Send an email to [email protected]

Will I see you there?

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