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Marketing is Like a Lamp:  It Has Two Main Functions

In my quest to simplify marketing for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I like to talk about it in terms of a lamp.  A lamp has two main functions – and so does marketing!  Listen in to my conversation with Learning from Smart People’s host, Rob Oliver to find out just what they are.  Any why they’re equally as important.

Marketing On Purpose

In my interview with Key McKay, we cover a LOT of ground in an hour.  We talk about:

– self-care

– celebrating 

– when to hire a marketing strategist



Why It’s Okay to Be Still

Marketing strategist Mary Strachan joins host Danielle deShaw to talk about why it’s important to be still in business and in life. She explains why it’s okay not to be in perpetual motion – taking action is important, but so is pressing pause.

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