Here’s a Behind the Scenes Peek at My Own

Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan for 2021


I use the same basic 6 steps I outline in The Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan Tutorial to create my own marketing plan for the year.

I walk you through the process in this video so you can get a sense of what it’s like.  When you’re finished watching, check out the other resources available to you below, like the Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan Template.

My Updated Marketing Plan – End of Quarter 1

After about 3 months of taking focused, purposeful action on my marketing plan, I sat down and assessed my progress.

I also reviewed and refined my marketing plan.  Here’s a walk through of the changes I’ve made.

More Resources to Create a Tailored-to-You Marketing Plan for 2021

A Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating a Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan for 2021

The Companion Checklist (with the cute bird)

The 5 Ways to Keep Your 2021 Marketing Plan Simple + Sustainable Class

The Find My Alignment Kit

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Jump Into Action

Questions to ask yourself

Marketing is Like a Lamp:  My Conversation with Rob Oliver

The Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan Template

marketing plan template

The Simple + Sustainable Marketing Plan Tutorial

If you need help to create your 2021 Marketing Plan

Rather not figure it all out on your own?  Need some support to make the best choices for YOU?

Reach out to me.

You can send an email to [email protected] and let me know you might need some help.  Or, book a Clarity Call so we can talk through your situation.  At the end, I’ll make a recommendation to you – it could be that we work together – or it could be a referral to another resource.


Set yourself up to take focused, purposeful action this year with a tailored marketing plan – that’s easy to implement.

・a private coaching experience・


Contact Mary Strachan
I’m Mary – purpose-driven entrepreneur, marketing strategist, permission-giver, and Certified Ambassador for the Alignment Grid™.

For me, amplifying your impact is not about reaching 6-figures or following the latest trend in marketing.  It’s about defining your vision, your goals and your priorities in the form of a simple, strategic, and sustainable plan, and then taking focused steps to make it happen.  

I’m probably different from any other coach or strategist you’ve come across, because I’m not going to teach you a one-size-fits-all approach to business growth.  Instead, my mission is to help you discover the best way forward for YOU, so you can confidently get on with the business of changing lives.  

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