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Let’s start to turn your vision into a reality with the basic elements of your marketing plan

・a private coaching program・

Marketing Fundamentals is my private coaching program where I help you think through the details of your marketing basics, identify gaps in your current approach, and craft your marketing goals for the next 12 months.

Investment: $675 CDN

Note:  as of January 14th, 2021, Marketing Fundamentals will become part of the Amplified on Purpose Marketing Program.

Made for the purpose-driven entrepreneur who:

  • has at least one program, product, or service that she’s sold successfully
  • wants customized support tailored to her personality, strengths and how she likes to do business
  • has a strong desire to simplify and streamline her marketing plan
  • subscribes to the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy

What Clients Are Saying

“Our work together has brought me confidence. I feel sure of my business and the direction I’m taking it, and that I am well-equipped to make decisions quickly and with conviction. That feeling of confidence Mary fostered in me is invaluable in the world of online business where we constantly compare and second-guess ourselves.”

Taylor Griffith, Lemon Tree Editorial

Program Details 

The Marketing Fundamentals Program consists of three main steps:

Step One:  clarify your marketing basics

Step Two:  complete a pipeline assessment to highlight what’s working and what isn’t

Step Three:   set your marketing goals for the next 12 months in a way that works for you

We’ll complete the steps at a pace that suits you, whether it’s over several weeks, in a day-long session, or something in between.

Program Features  

The Big Picture Vision – I mean it when I say I care more about what you want than what some program says you should do.  So before we create your marketing basics, we’ll take some time to review your vision for your life and business.

The Alignment Grid™️ – One of my favourite tools is the Alignment Grid, which helps you understand your natural working and persuasion styles. If you’ve ever felt icky after doing something you were “supposed to” do in your business, it’s likely because the action was misaligned with your Alignment Grid™️ Square(s). I’ll walk you through the Grid, your Square(s) and what they mean so you can continue to take aligned action at work. 

Unlimited email and Voxer support – I mean it when I say I’m a resource to you during our time together, which is why I’m always available to answer questions or provide feedback via Voxer or email. 

Want to learn more details?

It all starts with a free Clarity Call. Let’s talk and get to know each other. I want to hear about your business, your challenges and your questions for me. I’ll make recommendations for you at the end of the call, which may include working together or other resources that can help you.


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