Think through mini marketing plans to keep your pipeline full of potential clients and customers

・private strategy sessions・

In the JumpStart program, you roll up your sleeves and lay out your marketing pipeline from start to finish.  We’ll review the goals of each stage of the pipeline, so you can create corresponding marketing messages.  I’ll also help you choose the most desirable marketing activities, based on who you are and how you work best.

As of January 1st, this program will become part of the Amplified on Purpose Marketing Program.

Best for the purpose-driven entrepreneur who:

  • has at least one program, product, or service that she’s sold successfully
  • wants customized support tailored to her personality, strengths and how she likes to do business
  • has a strong desire to simplify and streamline her marketing activities
  • subscribes to the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy

What Clients Are Saying

“Mary eliminates the ‘ don’t know where to start’ fear and all the guesswork of what next steps to take. She is a committed partner who truly wants to see you succeed.”

Jody Graber, Bravo Wellness

Before We JumpStart Your Marketing 

We’ll complete your Big Picture Vision and review your Marketing Fundamentals. 

That way we’re both on the same page and you’ll have a clear picture about which direction to take with your pipeline.

Program SnapShot 

There are three phases in the JumpStart Program.

Phase One

We kick off our work together with a deep dive into your Marketing Foundation, which consists of three things:  

  1. why people buy from you
  2. what you are really selling
  3. what people want from you when they purchase

Phase Two

Once we know your Marketing Foundation, we’ll review and consolidate the work you’ve done in the JumpStart companion playbook.  

Phase Three

The program ends with a wrap-up call where we’ll review your pipeline as a whole and choose which mini marketing plan is your top priority to work on.

Ready to move forward?

It all starts with a free Clarity Call. Let’s talk and get to know each other. I want to hear about your business, your challenges and your questions for me. I’ll make recommendations for you at the end of the call, which may include working together or other resources that can help you.


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