How Do You Put a Price on Work That’s INVALUABLE?


Hey there friend,

I’m a purpose-driven entrepreneur just like you.  So I know that you’re in business to do meaningful work and make a difference in the world.  And that money isn’t the primary reason you do what you do.  

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a prosperous business (that means you don’t have to burn out to be profitable.)

I set out to create Invaluable:  Pricing Strategies for Entrepreneurs with Purpose after I noticed how much self-doubt and worry can show up when it comes time to attach a price to an offer.

It’s my deepest hope that the conversations inside this guide will take some of the mystery out of pricing strategy, and inspire you to hold your head up high and price your offers with a whole lot of courage and integrity.



You’ll hear my candid conversations with four entrepreneurs – who I trust – and have taught me a lot about what I know about pricing.  

We talk about their own experience with pricing when they first started out (we have some good laughs about this…) 

They offer their thoughts on why it’s so darn hard to put a number on your work. 

And, they share their own pricing processes, so you can see that there is no “right” way or magic formula to follow when it comes to put a dollar amount on what you’ve got to sell.

You’ll also hear me relate my own story (hint:  when I first started out, I went from one extreme to the other and it wasn’t pretty.) 

Plus, I highlight 6 red flags that could very well mean you need to take a look at your prices and pricing strategy.

Wanna sneak a peak?

Take a look at the Table of Contents.


You’ll want to get your hands on this resource if you: 

  • know that you do good work, but struggle to price your programs, services, and products 
  • tend to get inside your head about how much your offers (and by extension you) are worth
  • want to amplify your impact and aren’t making much progress because you can’t afford the kind of help you need
  • believe (or have been coached that) you have to charge “premium” prices even though it makes you feel yucky inside


Mary Strachan

Marketing, Strategist, Coach + Host

Kristen Kalp

Business Coach + Breath Work Practitioner

Nick North

Brand Strategist, Trans-Guy + Gender Nerd

Polly Hearsey

Business + Marketing Energetics

Angella Johnson

Intuitive Business + Marketing  


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Contact Mary Strachan

I’m Mary – purpose-driven entrepreneur, marketing strategist, permission-giver, and Certified Ambassador for the Alignment Grid™.

For me, amplifying your impact is not about reaching 6-figures or following the latest trend in marketing.  It’s about defining your vision, your goals and your priorities in the form of a simple, strategic, and sustainable plan, and then taking focused steps to make it happen.  

I’m probably different from any other coach or strategist you’ve come across, because I’m not going to teach you a one-size-fits-all approach to business growth.  Instead, my mission is to help you discover the best way forward for YOU, so you can confidently get on with the business of changing lives.  


Ask away, my friend.  Send your questions to [email protected] Or, if you’re someone who prefers to chat, book a Connection Call with me.

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