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My husband made pancakes this morning. It always amazes me when I come downstairs and see him. It’s not that I’m amazed that he’s making the pancakes – it’s how he makes them:

All ingredients are neatly arranged in front of him. In one spot. Before he starts.

There is not a fleck of flour on the counter. He may have spilled some but he’s already wiped it up.

And the sink has soapy water in it so he can wash the dishes as he goes.

Now, let me tell you how I do things:

The dry ingredients are on one counter. Not arranged neatly. Wet ingredients are on another counter (usually closer to the fridge where wet ingredients live.)

There is evidence of spillage on the counter.

Dirty dishes are by the sink (but maybe not all of them.)

When I’m finished cooking, I clean up everything all at once.

Just out of curiosity, whose method do you think is right? And whose is wrong?

If tempted to say that my husband’s way is the right way, I wouldn’t blame you. Because it’s the neat-and-tidy kind of way. Maybe you work like that too. Or maybe you wish you could be neater and more organized. But, then that would make my way wrong, wouldn’t it?

Maybe you’re a little bit more like me and enjoy moving around the kitchen while you work, and experience a deep satisfaction when everything transforms from dirty to clean again. Or maybe you wish you could be a little bit more free-spirited in your approach. But then my husband’s way would be wrong. Right?

In the end, I hope you can see that there is no right or wrong way here – we simply have different working styles. In both scenarios, the end results are the same. We’ve both made pancakes and the kitchen is clean.

When I work with entrepreneurs, I take into consideration your working style – without making it wrong. We see if you can make some laser-focused adjustments to be more effective.

For example, if you try to make pancakes without getting all the ingredients out first, you might get half way through and realize you don’t have eggs!  So, tweaking it so you get them out before you start will save you time, energy, and money.

Or, if you do make a mess in the kitchen, and then time out before you clean up, we’d want to improve your time accountability!

If you’re curious about what it would be like for me to support you as you work on your business, let’s have a conversation.

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