This is not a personality test.

It’s an invitation to re-connect with the REAL YOU.


Let me introduce you to the Alignment Grid™

    Because being yourself is the key to everything you want to create in your business.

    In other words, being yourself is where it’s at.

    It’s what causes people to want to buy from you, and it’s what causes things to flow easily, allowing you to work less and earn more. 

    It’s what allows you to make the kind of impact you want to make – without burning out.

    Experience more ease + joy in your business

      The Alignment Grid™ helps you understand your innate problem-solving style and how you naturally influence others.

      And your Alignment Square falls at the intersection of that natural style and persuasive power.

      Once you know your Square, you can begin to make decisions with more ease and confidence, knowing what choices and actions suit YOU.

      A few things you should know first.

      One.  There’s no opt-in required for you to download the Kit.

      What that means for you:

      • you WON’T automatically be added to my newsletter, Thinking Out Loud – I trust that if you’d like to receive it, you’ll subscribe
      • there is NO email nurture sequence on it’s way to your inbox with a link to the Kit – make sure to download it to your device or bookmark this page
      • if you need HELP sorting out your Alignment Square(s), it’s up to you to reach out to me – instructions are on the last page of the Kit

      Two.  There’s so much more to learn about your Alignment Square(s)

      Once you find your Alignment Square(s) the next step is to discover their unique Marketing Foundation(s.)

      Your Square’s unique Marketing Foundation is made up of 3 things:

      1.  why people buy from you

      2. what you are really offering

      3. what people really want from you when they purchase

      Should you ever decide to work with me privately, we’ll leverage this information to create more ease and flow in your business.  We’ll align your marketing plans and pipelines to your primary Marketing Foundation.

      If you’d like to learn your Marketing Foundation now, purchase a Deep Dive Session with me.  Details are also included on the last page of the Kit.

      Ready to Find Your Alignment Square(s)?

      Go ahead and download a free digital copy of the Find My Alignment Kit.

      Remember to use the buttons at the top right-hand corner to transfer a copy of the Kit to your device and/or print it for future reference.

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