There’s a little guy who lives on our street – I’d say he’s a 5-year-old bundle of curiousity. I’ve got a soft spot for him because he’s smart as a whip and if I’m honest, he reminds me of our son when he was that age – he just goes non-stop.

It’s a given that as soon as he spots you, he’s going to ask a question – and trust me – nothing goes unnoticed by this kid.

If I’m leaving to go out, he asks, “Where are you going, Mary?” with an emphasis on you.

If he’s out playing and I’ve just come home, he’ll yell across the road to ask me where I’ve been.


My favourite conversations always start with him asking a why question – like, “Why are you washing your driveway?” (oil had dripped from the back of our truck and I was trying to remove the spots while they were still fresh…)

or, “Why is your Jeep backed into the laneway like that, Mary?” (I was cleaning it out and the vacuum hose would only reach so far so I had to back it in on an angle…)

As you can imagine, every answer I give opens another door for him to ask me “why?” That’s the best part.

Isn’t it interesting that young kids don’t hesitate to ask why?

Don’t Ask Me Why

When I trained to be a coach, I learned it was a no-no to ask questions that started with the word why – because they could potentially come across as accusatory and put my client on the spot.

Instead, I was instructed to word my questions in ways that were much more inviting and came more from a place of curiousity.

For example, if I wanted to know why someone quit their job and became an entrepreneur, I could say, “Tell me a little bit about what led you to give up your full-time job and start your own business.”

I think you’d agree that phrasing it like that is quite conversational and very neutral – the perfect to help someone ease into their answer. 

Market Yourself – On Purpose

However, as I work less as a coach and more as a strategist, I see the value in asking why questions, especially when it comes to marketing.

In fact, the more you ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” and “Why am I choosing this?” the more you’ll be able to market yourself on purpose – meaning the marketing you do will:

a) be more deliberate and

b) move you closer to your overall vision – with fewer bumps and bruises along the way.

Ultimately, if I were to ask you why you’d chosen a specific strategy or marketing activity, you really don’t want to answer, “Don’t ask me why…”

Is your marketing doing the heavy lifting for you?

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