Take the mystery out of marketing:  learn your unique Marketing Foundation.

・a 90 minute call + Alignment Grid™ Deep Dive Program PDF・

Want to make better – more aligned choices in your business now that you know your Alignment Square(s)?  

The next step is to discover your unique Marketing Foundation.  It’s the overarching, big-picture foundation for each Alignment Square.

And it’s the pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow, because it’s your touchstone for making choices in your business that are right for you.

Knowing your Marketing Foundation takes the mystery out of marketing and gives you the confidence to make decisions that allow you to make the kind of impact you want without compromising your energy, well-being and values.

When you have a Deep Dive Session with me, you’ll discover your Marketing Foundation:

1) why people buy from you

2) what you’re really selling

3) what people want from you when they purchase

Knowing this information helps you attract the right type of buyer to you and brings more ease and your into your business overall.  

Investment: $325 CDN

Includes a copy of the Deep Dive into the Alignment Grid™ program (a $97 US value) to refer to again and again after our session is finished.

Want to discover your Marketing Foundation?

Purchase a Deep Dive Session with me and we’ll dig a little deeper into the Grid and use your Square(s) to determine your primary Marketing Foundation (MF.)

Once we know that, I’ll share:

  • the strengths of your primary MF
  • its challenges 
  • some top marketing picks
  • a few real-life examples
  • samples of occupations typically found in the square(s)
  • signs of alignment and misalignment


Fill in this contact form and I’ll send you instructions on what to do next.

Unsure if a Deep Dive Session is right for you?

No problem.  Send me an email and I’ll help you sort it out:  [email protected]

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