Get clear on who you are and what you’re creating so marketing becomes your greatest ally

・a self-paced playbook + coaching call・

When you complete a Big Picture Blueprint, you explore all the vital elements of your overall vision.  You create a one-page document that serves as your North Star for all future business decisions.  Your Blueprint connects directly to your marketing plan.

Investment: $235 CDN

Made for the purpose-driven entrepreneur who:

  • is tired of feeling like she’s been floating along in their business
  • has a strong desire to simplify and streamline her marketing activities
  • subscribes to the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy
  • has at least one program, product, or service she’s sold successfully

What Clients Are Saying

“I now have a big picture view of my business that I could print out on one page, and refer back to as I progressed on my project. Mary helps her clients understand their own intrinsic motivating factors that can assist them with achieving the most success in their business.”  

Renell Moore, Texas Vintage Shopper

How It Works 

It’s pretty simple.  

Once you purchase the Big Picture Blueprint program, I’ll share a companion Playbook with you, which you can work through at your own pace.  Once you’re finished, you’ll schedule your session with me.  

During our session, I’ll address your concerns while we review and refine your answers.  We’ll transform what you’ve written into a one-page document that will inform your marketing plan.  We’ll also discuss your next steps.

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