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Samantha Riley has been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years.  She built her first 7 figure business in her late twenties.  She’s a #1 best-selling author, co-founder of the Global Thought Leader’s Network and host of Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast.  She loves to “draw out and amplify” her clients’ “Diamond Factor” – that uniqueness in each of us that makes us shine!

She’s also one of the most generous and skilled podcast guests I’ve interviewed, and as you’ll soon hear, she’s from Australia!

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Reflections On Being Comfortable, Modest, and Visible

B is for Brilliant

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Interview Highlights

In our conversation you’ll here us talk about:

  • the importance of educating your target market about what you do and how you can help
  • what Samantha sees as the biggest challenge in marketing
  • her thoughts on being “comfortable” with putting ourselves “out there”
  • how to tell the difference between not showing up because we’re being afraid vs. needing to take the day to take care of ourselves (and eat a little chocolate while lying on the couch)
  • why Samantha loves accountability partners and what it means to “put the bowling ball on the table”
  • whether we can be modest and be visible or visible and humble

Samantha Also Answered These Listener Questions

Over the 25 years, were there any great financial leaps (rapidly increase in income)  that corollated with any targeted choices or specific mindset shifts?

After 25 years how does how does she continue to be as inspired and creative as she was in the early years?

What has she learned so far to keep herself balanced professionally and personally?

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