Remember the TV show, Ally McBeal?  Where a specific song would play when certain characters appeared?  (If you haven’t seen it, have a look, because it is a funny, quirky show.)

Well, here’s the thing.  Whenever I think about M Shannon Hernandez, I hear the song “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys.  Seriously.  It’s playing in my head right now.

I’ve been “following” Shannon for almost a year now – and I can tell you she is on fire in her life and in her business.  I’m proud to know her, and as you’ll hear me say in our conversation, she is a shining example of what it means to implement.  Even more impressive to me?  The very strategic way she runs her business (after all she is a Content Strategist.)

In this episode of B is for Brilliant, Shannon joins me to talk about her passion for Content and Content Strategy.  She challenges the status quo definition of content – it’s way more than your blog post people!  We talk about why she believes creating content should be joyful, and how story-telling is such a cool way to marketing yourself and your business.  And we throw in a discussion about schedules and days off too.  Because Shannon is really clear about the kind of lifestyle she wants and has designed her business to support it!

I’ll warn you – Spicy Shannon is in the house today!  Enjoy!


  • when you know your Content Personality,™ the drama and trauma of creating content gets replaced with joy and ease
  • it doesn’t matter if you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, content is everywhere in your business – it’s not just what you write in your blog!
  • there’s a clear connection between Shannon’s success and the strategy that’s behind her choices and actions
  • storytelling is an effective and entertaining way to market your business – its fun to receive in your inbox and allows people to get to know you better
  • does your business contribute to your lifestyle or does it prevent you from living the kind of life you want?
M Shannon Hernandez

M Shannon Hernandez

Content Strategist

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Content Personality + Storytelling = Marketing with Joy and Ease

B is for Brilliant

Keep reading below to see why Shannon is Brilliant.

Shannon is Brilliant because she:

  • embraces her love of all things content and has become a thought-leader in her industry
  • wants people to be on fire for their life first so you can do the things and have the relationships you want
  • knows what she stands for in her life and in her business and values relationships and conversations (she’s a “hands-on brand”)
  • recognized the need and took action to create the Content Personality™ Quiz so entrepreneurs could have a better experience with content
  • is so very strategic in what she does!

Most of all, I appreciate Shannon’s passion, her commitment to her “peeps” and the energy she brings to the world.

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