Meet B is for Brilliant Guest Jennifer Vaaler.

Hi!  I’m Jennifer Vaaler, from The Simplified Office.  I’m a Business productivity & Home office Strategist with a background in the coffee business, marketing, interior design, organization, and use this skill set to offer a unique perspective and twists on current and popular tools and strategies.  I’m currently going back to college for my Business Administration degree to expand my skill set and better help my clients.

I believe any action-taker can get organized with personalized strategies for their needs and a push with accountability.  I use what I call “the efficient coffee shop concept” and implement that into a office setting, by creating a highly efficient space that is inspiring, and functional, no matter if it’s an office with a door, co-working space, or desk in the corner of a room.

Jennifer Vaaler

Jennifer Vaaler

Business Productivity & Home Office Strategist

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b is for brilliant jennifer vaaler

During our conversation we talk about:

  • what it means to have an efficient office
  • the common office challenges Jennifer sees with entrepreneurs
  • her” efficient coffee shop concept” (it’s not what I thought it would be)
  • the role Gretta Grinder has played in Jennifer’s journey