B is for Brilliant Amy Scott

Amy Scott quit her office job to take a solo round-the-world trip in 2004 and she’s been location independent ever since. She is able to work from anywhere while traveling the world with her husband, whom she met while living in Buenos Aires in 2009. Through Nomad Editorial, Amy offers editing services to help nonfiction writers finish their books. She’s also the founder of the Nomadtopia Collective, an online community making location-independent life easier, less lonely, and more sustainable

Meet Amy Scott Visit Amy’s Nomad Editorial website. Visit Amy’s Nomadtopia website.

Highlights of our conversation

I didn’t know a lot about “location independence” and being a “digital nomad” so I was really interested to speak to Amy to learn more.   Here’s what we talked about:

  • Amy’s journey into location independence, which started after 9 months of travelling
  • the difference between being location independence and being a digital nomad
  • how much planning and logistics are involved (and why winging it can become an option)
  • the complications that can arise with International travel
  • why living as a digital nomad isn’t a way to escape
  • a few of the challenges that come along with these choices

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