Would You Like to Experience More Ease + Joy in Your Business?

Of course you would. 

Because no one wants to work harder than they already do – in fact, I’m guessing you’d be relieved if your business could demand less of your time and energy – not to mention be more enjoyable.

But how?

Let Me Introduce You to the Power of Alignment

Aligning your entrepreneurial choices with who you are and how you work best makes things easier – more joyful – and more prosperous for your business.

When you choose alignment you are free to:

  • leave behind old ways of doing things that no longer serve you
  • show up every day in your business as your most authentic self
  • create space for new opportunities to emerge that actually suit you

Sound good?

Join me for a free 5 Day Alignment Event

I’ll guide you through a series of activities based on the Find My Alignment Kit

to reconnect with the REAL YOU.


Discover your Natural Style of offering your solution


Learn your Personal Persuasion Power (the way you naturally influence others)


Find Your Alignment Square(s) + explore what that means for you


 Let go of what’s not aligned, celebrate what’s working, and invite new, more aligned ways into your business


 Support each others’ new discoveries + learn next steps to experience more joy and ease in your business


You’re welcome to email or Voxer me with any questions you might have in between calls.

The next Find My Alignment Event happens:

Monday, February 15th to Friday, February 19th, 2021

12 – 1 pm EST

What Clients Say, In Their Own Words

Among other things, Ally had been told by a coach she *had to* have a Facebook group to grow her business.

“I came away with a much clearer idea of what was right for me, and I cleared a couple of major blocks that I hadn’t even realized were holding me back. I feel so much lighter, refreshed, and more aware of who I am, and how I can show up in my marketing to reflect that.”

Krista felt like she *needed to* be someone she’d been in her past to be successful in her business.  She was hanging onto the idea that the old version of herself was somehow better than who she is today.

“I understand that the person I am now – how I help people, how I present myself – is exactly who I need to be, who I am meant to be.  I have made this transformation for a reason, I should not mourn who I was.  It was that block that was holding me back from moving forward with many things.”

Take the first step and build your capacity to:

  • grow your business from the inside out
  • make a difference in the world through your business
  • know what opportunities to say yes – and no – to moving forward


Why is this event happening over 5 days?

I’m offering the content in bite-size pieces so you:

  • don’t feel rushed to absorb everything all at once
  • can experience what it’s like to slow down 
  • have the time you need to reflect deeply

How long are the calls?

Allow for an hour in your schedule

What if I have questions after the call?

You can email me.  Or, if you prefer to talk it through, you can Voxer me.

Why are you doing this for free?  

I love helping people, and the tool I’ll share with you during this event is one of my favourites. Consider it a gift from me to you;) 

What are you selling on the last day?

I know, I know.  Free events like these are often used to introduce an offer for a high-priced program – sometimes using unethical sales tactics – like FOMO – to make you feel like you *have to* buy it.  

I’m happy to say that’s not what this event is about.  On the last call, I’ll share the next natural step, and if you’re interested in continuing to explore what you’ve learned with me, we can definitely have a conversation about what that looks like.  If not, that’s fine too.

What if I’m interested but can’t come to every call? 

Each day builds on the one(s) before it and I won’t be recording the calls, so you’ll need to attend them all in real-time. 

If you’re interested, but can’t join in every day, schedule a time to go through the process with me one-on-one.  And yes, it’s still free.

What if I don’t enjoy being in a group?

I respect that.  Let’s do it together one-on-one. – at no cost to you.

What if I already know about the Alignment Grid™ and my Alignment Square(s)?  

You’re welcome to come, especially if it’s been some time since you found out your Square(s), you have questions about it, you’ve made a pivot in your business, or you like the Grid but weren’t exactly sure where you belonged on it.

What if I’m not sure this event is for me?

Reach out and I’ll help you decide.  Send an email to [email protected]

Will I see you there?

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